Thursday, March 31, 2011

Repeat if Necessary

My hand may fall off today...but in a good way.

Last night was the first of six classes in Copperplate style calligraphy for me with the fabulous Anne Elser. I thought that all the evenings of drinking tea and addressing hundreds of wedding envelopes would have prepared me, but alas, I got some serious lettering cardio.

The funny thing is that I spent over two hours just writing the letters "i", "u" and "w" and enjoyed every minute of it. The structure of a class is great for improving your talents because you can't get distracted by shallow tv or friends with red wine. You must practice.

It also helps to have an amazing (she made the little name cards pictured above for everyone in class - so pretty!) and patient instructor.

Patience, is a definite requirement when writing with an instrument designed before Betty White and bicycles were invented.

Although, it feels a little bit like a throwback to kindergarten, I have to admit, I can't wait for capital letters!


  1. what a interesting and fun talent to have :) i don't know if i would have the patience for it!

  2. Coming along great. that has got to be hard, but I bet it is like a bike, once you master it, you will have the skill forever. I love the line "you can't get distracted by shallow tv or friends with red wine" HAHA

  3. Look at your mad skills! Those are seriously impressive. I can barely write in cursive. :-)

  4. Visiting from ebt. Looks like fun, your writing is so good!

  5. Beautiful!
    One of our classes in high-school was calligraphy. We learned the Palmer Method (unfortunately not as embellished as the Copperplate).
    I enjoyed those classes tremendously. The repetition is almost entrancing, so gratifying!