Thursday, June 25, 2009

Free Time = Obsessive re-decorating

My work as an artist's assistant depends on the work of the artist...and alas, he has flown to France to look at a project, which (cross your fingers) I'll get to help out with, but in the mean time, I have lots of free time on my hands.
This always sounds fabulous at first, as I begin making To Do lists and plan the writing of my novel, the finishing of a painted masterpiece and the mastery of some gourmet dishes. Unfortunately, it usually ends up more like me sitting in my pj's at 1pm eating cereal and staring at the walls.
One of the walls I stare at is curved, and I'm stumped. I know there must be some fabulous creative idea to show off this quirky architectural feature. Any suggestions?

Friday, June 12, 2009

So Lovely

I'm so excited. I just bought this painting from one of my favorite Etsy artists, tushtush.

Check out her beautiful, fun and quirky work

Blog Envy No More

I had to break free from looking constantly with awe, and inspiration/jealousy at all the wonderful blogs out there. I have oh...20 or so that I visit and love every day and well...I wanna blog too!

So here I am, dangling my OPI My Chiuhuahua Bites Colored Toe in the water.

I look forward to introducing you to a little about my life and artwork and sharing some of my experiences around Atlanta and on the web with you as well.