Friday, April 1, 2011

Tiny Things and Beer Animals

Being 5'2 on a tall day, has given me an appreciation for little things. Probably, this is because I'm closer to them. Ants, pebbles, etc. are all pretty much at eye level.

Not long ago, Freckled Boy and I watched part of a documentary on nano technology and how science and technology have shown vast progress in the last few years from the ability to make things smaller. Tiny cameras that zip down your internal parts like a roller coaster car come to mind.

I'm old enough to remember Zach Morris' cell phone and I'm thankful for change, but at the same time, so much technology makes me nostalgic for the days when things were a little lower tech. Sometimes, I just want to play in the dirt.

I think the anti-technology part of me is why I'm so drawn to calligraphy and letter writing. But, then again, "technology" and "small" don't have to be synonymous.

Leaf Cutter Designs does something pretty stellar. They create tiny letters (and packages!) using your words and will send them to the recipient packaged with a teeny tiny magnifier.

Take that, email! You don't feel so cute anymore do you?

If you fall in love with the idea and go on a teeny tiny tangent, I say go all out and buy some tiny trees too. You can find scaled-down replicas of different species at online architectural model supply sites and make your own desktop forrest.

Find them here.

And in completely unrelated to anything news: LOOK AT THIS BEER!

What do you see?

My best deciphering, as well as the venue and beer type will eventually end up here.

Meanwhile, I'm curious if you see what I see.
(Hint: One thing would be large, the other would be tiny.)

Have a beautiful weekend, and remember to appreciate the little things. ;)


  1. Okay, those tiny letters are awesome. I'm totally doing that.

    Also: cow and snail.

  2. I love the tiny letters. A girl in my office has one of thos on her desk from her husband.

    I spy a cow and a snail too.

  3. oh man! i have to tell you that the captcha thing i had to type in was 'freck'!

  4. I see a cow. Wow.. in beer. Is that beer in a wine glass??

  5. Hee. Hee. It's pretty much impossible for me to look at food and beverages without seeing little animals and things.
    Not a wine glass - some special fancy beer glass. The shape of the glass is supposed to "do something" for the taste. . . not quite sure what exactly.

  6. i recently stumbled upon the tiny letters and packages! it's so cute.. but what would i do with them?? lol any suggestions?

    have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Stephanie, I vote to write a letter to yourself saying how awesome you are and keep it in a place where you find yourself often, desk, car, etc. It will remind you on difficult days without other people seeing it(at least without like 30x magnification anyway)lol.