Friday, September 2, 2011

Paper Cuts and Glue Gun Wounds for the Sake of Prettiness

Every Monday, I keep vowing to be a better blogger. And then...I get all caught up in working on things for our wedding and suddenly, it's Thursday - of the following week.

So, now, I'm vowing to start this "betterness" in December (after the wedding and our Bon Voyage party). Until then, I'll just pop up with a few little Mandylynn musings and maybe a photo or two of my DIY creations...low resolution iPhone pics, of course. Le sigh.

Here are a few little glimpses to prove I'm not just sitting around eating macarons while my blog waits patiently for attention.

All of our party invites are being hand-drawn...and painted...and lettered...and stamped...and tied.
Oh, and wax sealed...

Our party will have a French patisserie color theme,
so I'll be covered in pistachio green and pink paint through early November.

My Paper Peonies. Only about 90,0oo more to make. :)
Hopefully, I'll be able to peek over the pile to say hello every now and again until the Winter.