Thursday, March 24, 2011

Of Course I'll Use Them. They Were Only $12.

Anthropologie, oh how I adore thee. I spend countless furitive minutes at work gazing at all your loveliness online. Unfortunately, I am usually restricted to your sale racks and candles. Many times I have looked at all the adorable aprons in the home section and compared their $32 price tag to the dresses that call and taunt me with $298 price tags, and thought, "Hmmmm...couldn't I just sew some fabric to the back of that apron and Voila! Post-modern one-side only patterned couture!

Anthropologie aprons. They're kind of like the whatever it is that Audrey Hepburn goes to buy at Tiffany. Hairpin? Keychain? I can't recall. Anyway, the moral is that they are a bit of prettiness that I don't have to reconcile with my electric bill.

Except, I don't really cook. Not really, like need an apron, flour on the forehead cook.

Sometimes, I find a recipe and manage to eek out something not covered in flames and tears, but usually, despite my love affair with the vanished Gourmet magazine and Epicurious, I don't spend much time in the kitchen.

But, I use glue guns! Sometimes! I paint. Cute girls in Martha Stewart photos are always doing all their crafty painty gluey things in aprons while drinking lattes. I like lattes.

I digress.

Last weekend, I was at Marshall's to return some things and stumbled upon adorable aprons that reminded me so much of the coveted but possibly useless ones. They were $12.99 each, so I bought two.

And then, I discovered a funny thing... my $12 apron was exactly the same as their $32 apron.

Yay me! :) Time to sew some something.


  1. SUPER CUTE. I actually said "oh my goodness" out loud when I saw the pinkish one.

  2. I LOVE those! My mom and I both have HUGE collections of aprons and those would fit perfectly in my collection. I have to go to Marshalls to see if I can find that. I hope they have it!

  3. Fingers crossed for you. I've been seeing them for a couple of months now, so hopefully they're in lots of locations.

  4. ooh these are too cute! I'm thinking I'm going to need to buy myself a cute apron soon... I'm your newest follower from the EBT