Thursday, August 11, 2011

Humidity Makes the Hair Grow Into Fun Shapes

Well, it's Summer in Atlanta. I think it has been since late February. All in all it's been an extra odd year for weather here. We had multiple snows (Northeastern friends, please don't mock. 6 inches is still considered snow if snow is present.) and then one day of spring and straight into the nineties.

My Summer project has been to grow hair. Don't worry, I'm concentrating on my head only. For years now, I've battled with the random waves that sprout and just opted to stay at chin-length so as not to frighten people and animals.

My hair has always had opinions of where it wanted to go and it normally was not straight down. But, lately, I've been finding out that maybe other people have this hair too. They've just kept it flatironed into submission. Suddenly, my wavy declarative hair is becoming the norm in ads and on runways. Really? Could this be true?

Stumbling around pinterest, I came across a photo of one of my fashion icons, Alexa Chung and sure enough, there it was, confused jumbled hair looking positively fashionable and dare I say sexy? I do. I say it. Look!

image via designcrushblog

image via

I'm positively encouraged, at least until I go outside. That's when what I call the "angel fuzz" appears. It's like a glowing hair halo of delicate frizz all around the top of my head. I only have hopefully 2 more months of this, so in the interim, I'm entertaining these delightful solutions: The poster is just for inspiration, I won't wear it. I don't think...)
1. & 2. Asos
3. funnelcloud
4. Birchbox

Also, check out this adorable post about the sticky stuff. It enlightens you on how to say "humid' in Japanese. Apparently, it's not only regulated to Hotlanta.


  1. I have it too! My hair is wavy but not in any sort of order. It doesn't even come out quite close to Alexa Chung, but more like the ears of a cocker spaniel. I am a flat-iron-er. :) Thanks for this fun post!

  2. I'm also a member of the Wavy Hair Club. When it's humid, I wrangle the front with bobby pins (tiny miracles, they are) and let the back do whatever. I only flatiron when I *know* the air will be dry, because my hair is down to my boobs now when it's straight and flattening it takes forever. I'd hate to waste it!

  3. I am also a member of the wavy hair club. But mine gets super duper frizzy without product. I can't even remember the last time I let my hair go curly, I am a flat-iron-er too;) Luckily I live in Northern CA so we don't get very many humid days.Great post!

  4. Mine is curly when it's humid, wavy the rest of the time. My advice is a good layered cut and Eufora beautifying serum. If I make the time to straighten which is rare these days, also the CHI flat iron I got for Christmas. All that said, my hair is still almost always frizzy. The only time it's not is when I leave the salon after my stylist coated my hair in at least 12 different products to tame it.

    Good luck!