Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Weekend Project & Glimpses of Home

Being productive creatively always makes me glittery jump up and down happy. This Saturday, I had the place to myself (well, excluding my fuzzy feline assistant whose main job is to attack my toes).
Freckled boy was off in the recording studio (Did I mention he's in a band?) and so our usual weekend adventuring was suspended. Perfect time for tea and covering the dining room in paper scraps.

I actually got finished with a few pieces I've been meaning to put on Etsy forever, and while I was photographing them, started wandering around taking random shots of our 1920's apartment.

One of my fav Etsy purchases

blurry music nook

another painting from tushtush

Things that inspire me

lovely view of someone else's garden from my desk

dishes and a cash register piggy bank

I always enjoy peeking in other people's homes. Hopefully, you do as well. I'd love for some of you to send me a few pics of your own creative abodes!


  1. Wow I love that you decorate with so much art. is that a suitcase turntable in your music nook>?

  2. Thanks! It is indeed a suitcase turntable. It was a stellar Christmas present one year.