Monday, March 28, 2011

Oh! Oh! I Wanna do that! What is it?

Hello. Hope you had a lovely weekend.

I feel like mine was but an eyelash flutter. Sigh.

I am really excited today about something I don't really understand - kind of like when you were a little kid and you got a new board game...well, maybe it's like that. I'm not sure. That was always stressful for me because I was an only child with no neighbors or cousins, so I just spent time trying to figure out which pieces to glue to each other to make robots and making up my own rules for solo play of games that required "4 to 6 players". (Please insert sympathy-inducing memory montage here set to One is the Loneliest Number.)

Anyway, I'm excited about Blog Swaps!!!!!! What are they? And How can I do one?

I've seen them mentioned on a few blogs I frequent and I love love love getting packages in the mail and love love love sending them. I think they (blog swaps) have to do with this...and possibly stationery and lip gloss (at least the good ones seemed to anyway).

Can someone enlighten me, please? Merci.


  1. This cracked me up! I've seen blog swap where the owners post an entry written by someone else, either a tutorial or just a "hey, this is what I do", or I've seen blog reviews where people swap products and then write about what they got. If you want to swap, let me know! I do have stationey, but not lip gloss.

  2. yes, please. :) I think the main site I was looking at was this one: from 2010...Alas, too late. Maybe we could host something similar though...hmmmm.

  3. I couldn't get to that page, but my wife has dont product swaps before where you make a set something and mail it to the next person, each month or week or whatever time period, you received something similar to what you sent, but with someone else's touch.

  4. hee. hee. that was a terrible attempt at a link, I think. It was from the blog Oh Hello Friend and about something called the Lovely Package Exchange. I like the product swap idea too though. I have so much to learn in Blogland.

  5. We had an item swap on Etsy Paper team, but I didn't get in on it in time. They paired up and sent something to each other, the results of which to be posted on one of the blogs. I have some ideas of how it might work...lonely onlies unite! :) bythebookpaper at gmail dot com