Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Playing Ostrich

Wednesday seems as good a day as any to pull my head out the sand and say hello again.

I've always been someone who is easily overwhelmed. Sometimes, in the case of chocolate or creme brulee for example, this is wonderful. One bite or two spoonfulls and I'm in a blissful heavenly state. But...other times, I think it keeps me from fully realizing my potential in things or fully experiencing the present.

Whenever I start to get busy with my calligraphy or illustration projects, instead of being excited, I panic. "I've got a full-time day job. I'm planning a wedding. I to paint my toenails with glittery polish and read War and Peace. I just can't do it!" And Etsy site goes on "Vacation Mode". I turn away offers to do fabulous projects and end up sleeping my afternoons away in hiding.

Oh, and I neglect my blog. Why?

Why can't I learn to be "one of those people" who can balance tout le monde tout le temps?
So many of you out there in blogland seem to have perfected the work life balance thing with time left over to look super-cute and drink lattes on patios. I realize that's what's nice about blogging. We can choose only to share the lovely things and perhaps omit the pile of mail, the pile of laundry, the pile of piles.

But nevertheless, advice would be appreciated. And it's lovely to see you again. Perhaps we can share a latte. :)