Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fish Scale Fantastic

Sometimes I get fixated on a particular design and just want to cover everything in it. Of late, my obsession is for fish scale patterns. There's something so lovely in the symmetry and the organic root of the repetitive overlapping curves.

I've been trying out different ways to incorporate fish scale into my calligraphy projects and am pretty excited to see what develops.

Here are a few of my recent crushes and inspirations.

The notebook is from the Etsy shop The Bower Studio, which I adore.

Do you have a particular scribble or doodle that you find yourself repeating?


  1. those are lovely photos i love the little tea cup the best. when i get into doodling i am a big swirler :)

  2. i love that top image and the tea cup! Im also a swirler :D

  3. Love that the best things come from nature. My favorite scribble to repeat is vine flourishes with leaves