Monday, March 7, 2011

How Was Your Weekend?

I could definitely never be classified as a "weekend warrior" type. Unless warriors dress in cotton pj pants and fuzzy socks while drinking whole pots of coffee and looking at design magazines.

But, I'm gonna say this weekend was unusually "productive" for me.

The freckled boy and I finally transferred the little dinosaurs (for some reason, that's what I call real explanation why...) that he gave me for Valentine's Day into their permanent homes - a giant wooden bowl and this little upcycled candle tin. They're from Etsy shop So Succulent in case you feel inspired.

I sketched ideas for our wedding/going away party invite. Is it bad luck to show them here? I can't decide....

And we found some cute vintage items for my Etsy shop (including a little owl bank with an Anthropologie pics yet- but soon) I'm thinking of showing it on the blog before posting to Etsy to give you first chance at him. Sooooo cute!

This little tray is also pretty adorable, and will make its way to my shop soon.

I picked up a Lionel Richie and The Commodores vinyl album too...but that's all mine. ;)

Whew! Time for a nap.


  1. "...the freckled boy..." teehee, love that! :) Love your blog. I'm a new follower from EBT.

  2. Very nice plants! I can see why you called them dinosaurs... the leaves look like these:

    Pretty tray too!

  3. I just smiled super-big when I went to that link. It's nice to be understood. Thanks! lol.