Saturday, February 26, 2011

Did I Mention I'm Getting Married?

I'm not and never have been someone who likes a spectacle. But I do like architecture. I think I like San Francisco. I've never actually gone, but everyone is always insisting that I would love love love it.

All this is to say that in November, the freckled love of my life and I will (both for the first time) be visiting San Fran. where we will also be having a quasi-elopement at City Hall.

When we've told people this, they seem to have a mix of awe and confusion. The funniest part is the sometimes almost pitying look that sweeps across their faces at the mention of "City Hall".

I'm guessing they have conjured images of bad wood paneling and fake ficus trees.

San Francisco's City Hall is actually modeled after Les Invalides in Paris and seems devoid of paneling, at least in the rotunda.

We're pretty excited about it.

You may have noticed I said, "quasi-elopement". That's because although we will be having a simple (10 minutes or less) civil ceremony, we will be throwing a big send-off party (complete with yet to be determined blues band and a chicken and waffle vendor!) at a local theatre in our hometown. Then a small group of friends and family will join us for a few days of fun and drinks in California.

I can't imagine how involved planning a formal wedding must be, because even with our very minimalist plans, I still sometimes find myself a little overwhelmed with the ever-growing To-Do checklist.

So far, we've chosen a photographer, ordered rings and started looking for an apartment to rent during our stay. Airbnb is a stellar resource for travelers who prefer "the comforts of (a chic, well-furnished, modern) home, btw.

Right now, it's dress obsessing for yours truly.

Ideally, I'm looking for something timeless that suits the venue. I'm thinking Jackie O. mixed with Hitchcock's leading ladies.

It will be white (possibly paired with dazzling emerald green shoes), but this lovely dress from sohomode on Etsy is currently serving as my muse.
I'd love your suggestions.


  1. Your wedding plans sound a lot like ours :)
    We got married in Prague in a beautiful city hall which is actually a gallery. It was small, short, and perfect.
    We followed it with a feast (back home) with very close friends and family.
    And still, as small the events were, I was exhausted with all the planning and tasks involved!! Still, we had the best time and it was just what we wanted.

    Wishing you happy planning and of course the best time ever with your freckled love of your life in San Fran!!!

  2. Sounds dreamy. Have you seen the new line from anthropologie? swoon.

  3. Congrats! You will probably love San Fran, just be prepare for some fairly cold weather in November...

  4. I love your quasi-elopement idea. Maybe by the time I really get into our own process I might take a page from your book. The San Fran City Hall is beautiful and fitting. Etsy has sooo many beautiful dresses, I think you could easily find one that looks like that dress above. You could also go to a department store and buy off the rack. Anthropologie does have gorgeous dresses as well. Since this is a wedding on the go, make sure you get something that is comfy.