Thursday, August 11, 2011

Scheduling Creative Time

Looking back over my blog, I find a lot of tiny cries for help woven into my posts. I know that I'm very much at a point in my life where a shift is necessary, and I seem to be constantly implying the question, "How?".

I've always kept my creative impulses separate from my work life. For a long time this was intentional. I liked to think of painting or crafting as an escape of sorts from a stressful week at work. Now, though, across the threshold of thirty, I no longer feel okay with working in an environment where there are no paintbrushes.

The trouble is, I've already spent a small fortune pursuing what I now refer to as a "Dinner Conversation Degree" at a women's college in lieu of a sure thing scholarship at a now world-renowned art college.

So, in the meantime, I stare longingly at Etsy shops and blogs and the people running them who made the quintessential choice to take Adobe classes and spend summer semesters in Italy painting that now have entire days free to devote to doing what they love.

I'm not entirely gloomanddoomwoeisme negative Nancypants about it all. I do have plans for change, but they have to wait until after the wedding and a little bit of savings account cushioning have happened.

In the meantime, I'm curious about those of you who juggle a 9-5 with your glitter and glue. Do you work on a schedule or just try to create when the impulse strikes? I have a tendency to get overwhelmed and then go into hiding. It must be stopped, and for now, time management and even ...ugh... some type of allotted time to create seem to be in order.

What's your daily schedule look like?


  1. Eeek! Just realized my credit links didn't stick for the photos above. Will repost them shortly. The bottom one is a poster that must be purchased from Etsy.

  2. I don't work a 9-5, but I do work an 8-noon, so I still have to juggle things somewhat.

    I've found that changing up my shop/blog routine day-by-day keeps it interesting. One day I might make and photograph a bunch of new items. The following day I might list new products and take orders to the post office. The day after that I might do a DIY project for the blog and buy some jewelry materials. As long as you're doing *something* productive, it doesn't always need to be the same. Just do what you feel like doing. That's the whole point of working for yourself, right?

  3. Oh my ... I would love to have schedule .. I dream about it ..but summer is crazy with me ..and all crafts shows, writing my blogs... etsy shop...I need to be more organized I want to ! but I am always behind and need to cath up:P
    But definitlly it is on my list TO DO! after huge cleaning and arrangement of my messy studio ....

    btw - you have a really nice blog :)

  4. Paige, your advice is super appreciated because you happen to be one of the people I stalk in admiration ;) Thanks. And MADA, thank you so much for the compliment and for letting me know I'm not alone in the universe with my list making and plans to make plans.

  5. I got a chuckle from your "dinner conversation degree" - I have one of those too :) It's not being used at the moment - sometimes life takes you in a different direction.
    I think when you work for yourself, scheduling/organization is challenge, especially for us creative types. I find breaking things down into smaller pieces helps to keep from getting overwhelmed. Scheduling time to work each day based on task, rather than based on time, works better for me. Enjoy finding what works for you. : )