Thursday, June 25, 2009

Free Time = Obsessive re-decorating

My work as an artist's assistant depends on the work of the artist...and alas, he has flown to France to look at a project, which (cross your fingers) I'll get to help out with, but in the mean time, I have lots of free time on my hands.
This always sounds fabulous at first, as I begin making To Do lists and plan the writing of my novel, the finishing of a painted masterpiece and the mastery of some gourmet dishes. Unfortunately, it usually ends up more like me sitting in my pj's at 1pm eating cereal and staring at the walls.
One of the walls I stare at is curved, and I'm stumped. I know there must be some fabulous creative idea to show off this quirky architectural feature. Any suggestions?


  1. my mother has a curved wall in her home and she hung a series of framed art going down in stair step fashion around the curve. It looked fabulous and with your color scheme black frames would look stunning. As for making the desk seem a little more at home there... perhaps add some pots in descending sizes next to it. Or something more practical like attractive storage in the same vein. Hope my ramblings help!

  2. Oh, I've been a bad blogger and abandoned this place for too long. (sorry.) That's awesome advice about the descending frames. I'm gonna do it! Will post more pics when I get it sorted out. Thanks!